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Follow Balfour's adventures and learn about the friends he meets while wearing his Magic Hat.

Watch some fun behind the scenes video of what it's like to make a podcast.


Cast for Balfour & The Magic Hat podcast


Danny Miller (Yorka), Jennifer Makenas (Prim), Tristan Carruthers (Balfour), Pat Haines-Ainsworth (Grandmother/Tala), Adrian Cerrato (Isko).  Piano - Terence Alaric Levitt


an original, musical, mathematical Western adventure

"The Day Zero Left Dodge" is a fun and original musical with a Wild West flair.  It revolves around what would happen if, one day, Zero leaves town.  All the other resident numbers find that they can no longer count past nine because Zero isn't there to allow them to jump into the ten's or hundred's place.  Things get worse when Crazy Eight comes into town.  The sheriff wants to put him on trial for stealing Rancher Seven's sheep, but he can't count our twelve numbers for the jury because he can't count past nine.  Will Eight get away with the crime?  Will Zero ever come back to Dodge?  You'll just have to listen to find out.  For audiences 7 & up (including pun-loving, math nerdy adults).  approx. 32 min.  copyright ©2019 by Winking Kat Books. 


An Original Story

The Underground Mouse

Daisy Whistlewhite always goes to Kensington Gardens with her Aunt Claire every Thursday.  But this Thursday as they wait for the Underground train, something is different.  Daisy and the waiting passengers all share a special moment  when they become more than strangers.  And it's all thanks to a little grey mouse


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